I can’t watch it….

Can you?


A good reason can always be found which can motivate one to become a vegetarian.

One Response to I can’t watch it….

  1. Max Lawson says:

    Subject: Discrimination and the Knights of the K.K.K. in Government

    Dear Massa Governor Gregoire, and Massa Attorney General, Rob McKenna of Washington State. Please, Stop!! Governing Washington like Governor George Wallace of Alabama and the Knights of the KU Klux Klan. I be a good boy and take real good care of ma grand child, Shayna. Please! Massa Gregoire and Massa McKenna, take ma grand-child Shayna Krueger out of foster care, and let us adopt her, in Ohio. We be quiet and good Nigga’s. Please! Massa‘s, I stay in ma place and be a good boy, Massa, I say, “Yes Massa, Ok Massa, I fetch Massa. Please! Massa Governor Gregoire and Massa Attorney General McKenna, ma grandchild has been with Laura Anderson her boyfriend, Tommy, living in sin too long, costing the tax payer’s thousands per year. Laura Anderson and her boyfriend has abused Shayna, jerking her arm out of socket at the elbow. Shayna has been seen several times at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for the same thing. I be quiet and be a good Nigga, I will work real hard to be a good boy and Grand father, Please!! Massa’s. Please!!! Please Massa!, Please! Please Massa‘s!!, in the name of Jesus, Remove your White Sheets and Hoods, just this once. Give us our grand child.

    Thank you, Massa Gregoire and Massa McKenna.

    Max Lawson


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