Brains vs. character

Glenn Greenwald assesses Obama’s intellectual capacities in his April 2, 2011 column. While making his assessment, Greenwald asserts:

…there are other vital attributes that determine the quality of decision-making besides intellect: courage is one; an ability to form (and a willingness to defend) moral and ethical convictions is another; genuine empathy for others is still another. An amoral, cowardly, un

principled genius is likely to make worse decisions than a stalwart, principled, moral person of average intelligence. [emphasis added]

Obama quickly hired such a man — one of many! — when he became President.

White House portrait of Lawrence Summers.


Larry Summers, Genius, was just one Obama choice which indicated without a doubt that Obama was an ally of the Wall Street grifters and a foe of the American people. And it did not require a massive intellect to arrive at that conclusion, only access to the facts and the willingness to make realistic political judgments about Obama, Summers and the American political system.

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