We’re not party animals

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka informs the party duopoly that Labor has an agenda and a movement which will work to achieve that agenda:

And we’ll build up our labor movement — in the workplace and in political life.

We want an independent labor movement strong enough to return balance to our economy, fairness to our tax system, security to our families and moral and economic standing to our nation.

We can’t simply build the power of any political party or any candidate. For too long we’ve been left after the election holding a canceled check and asking someone to pay attention to us. No more! No more!

Our goal is not to help candidates or parties, our goal is to improve the lives of working families and strengthen our country, and that’s what we’re going to do.

When it comes to politics, we’re looking for real champions of working women and men.

And I have a message for some of our “friends.” It doesn’t matter if candidates and parties are controlling the wrecking ball or simply standing aside — the outcome is the same either way.

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