Yaron’s complaint

Yaron Festinger has a bone to pick with Sarah Silverman:

Jewish Comedian Sarah Silverman will be arriving for a show in Israel. Indeed, a constitutive event. The popular American standup comedian did not shy away from smalltime politics in 2008, posting a YouTube clip urging Jewish grandchildren to threaten their grandparents in Florida that there will be no visits unless they vote for Obama, as he would be “much better for Israel.”

The video clip portrayed Jewish families in a disparaging, humiliating manner while making use of every stereotype from the past; all in the name of “satire,” of course.

The video:

It appears Festinger’s upset because the AIPAC toady Barack Hussein Obama sits too far to the left of the Greater Israel knuckledraggers in Israel. (Obama, of course, is a rightwinger and an outlaw as a matter of principle, but that does not matter here.) Silverman supported Obama and urged other Jews to do the same.

Given these difficult circumstances [of the day and Obama’s allegedly anti-Israel agenda], it would be appropriate to remind Ms. Silverman and others like her that they erred gravely by enlisting for Obama’s cause in 2008 and would do well to take responsibility for their actions. We should tell them “thanks, but no thanks.” Or in other words, save us from dubious friends, including those who come for a visit; we’ll take care of our enemies on our own.

Hmmm… Might Festinger consider Silverman an enemy?

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