A Huffington Post headline

Casey Anthony Trial Verdict: Not Guilty Sparks Celebrity Reactions

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  1. michellefrommadison says:


    BOMBSHELL: Nancy Grace allegedly hospitalized after the Casey Anthony verdicts because Nancy was wrong on each and every charge, again. There are reported attempts to remove Nancys foot from her own mouth. Please pray for her during this excruciating time please. Some reports have also been made indicating that the foot is not actually lodged in her mouth, but in a different more southwardly-directed location. Also reported is that all educated and informed viewers of the Nancy Grace television entertainment show now refuse to ever watch another show of hers from here to eternity claiming that they will no longer be willing to waste time seeing Nancy Grace speak on any time anymore. There are, however, still a limited amount of uninformed and ignorant viewers who will still waste their life listening to more nonsense from Nancys mouth until her show is finally cancelled. Perhaps when the money runs out after Baezs upcoming lawsuits against Nancy and others. Even her twins and her husband have allegedly run away from Nancys home as well as her husband may also be filing for a divorce according to several known sources.


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