Do they have any shame?

No, not at all! ThinkProgress found that:

As states continue to cope with budget shortfalls, the same pattern repeats itself over and over again. Republicans refuse to raise revenues — opposing tax hikes on the ultra-wealthy or ending wasteful tax loopholes for corporations — thus forcing budgets to be closed by targeting the most vulnerable: students, middle class families, the elderly, the unemployed, etc.

California is no different, as GOP legislators in Sacramento refused to budge on tax increases, which forced savings in Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D-CA) new budget to be found solely through draconian cuts. As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, cuts to higher education alone will force a nearly 18 percent bump in tuition for UC students. Yearly budget cuts have more than doubled the price of public college in California since 2005.

But as California Republicans rail against “welfare” and wasteful government spending, an investigation by ThinkProgress has found that many of the state’s leading GOP legislators are themselves millionaire recipients of taxpayer money….

3 Responses to Do they have any shame?

  1. Doug says:

    I’m sure non of the “Democrats” in California are wealthy. They’re just poor folks like the rest of us right? Blind partisanship does nothing to solve problems it only exacerbates them and creates new ones. Progressives do not have the answers. They’re tactics have failed over and over again. The tenets of socialism, marxism, communism, sound nice when articulated well, but when implemented ALWAYS end up in the hands of despots and dictators.

    The shame should be on the heads of the voting public for putting people into office who wish to see the US Constitution nullified and America turned into a European Union member.


    • Ummm, the United States has one of the lowest tax to GDP rates among the OECD countries. And it is a gross failure when it comes to fairness of income distribution, unemployment, health care, etc.

      I do agree that the Democratic Party must be held accountable for this mess. They too are a damnable lot. But it was the California GOP and the anti-tax mania of the 1970s that reduced California to its current low and ridiculous condition. And it is the GOP in general that pushes for low tax regimes while also affirming elite use of the government as a rent-taking mechanism.


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