What safety net?

As Matt Yglesias points out, a President Romney intends to follow an austerity program with respect to the poor. Romney, Yglesias asserts:

…wants to cut the safety net, cut the health care part of the safety net, muck around with the federal workforce, and then cut the non-health care part of the safety net. To further clarify, he states that he “will immediately move to cut spending and cap it at 20 percent of GDP” while increasing defense spending. Which is to say he wants to cut social safety net spending. What’s more “as spending comes under control, he will pursue further cuts that would allow caps to be set even lower so as to guarantee future fiscal stability,” thus cutting social safety net spending even further.


3 Responses to What safety net?

  1. jasontromm says:

    The social safety net has become a hammock. There has been a 41% increase in food stamp recipients since Obama took office. Unemployment benefits have been extended to 99 weeks. If you’ve been unemployed for 99 weeks, maybe it’s time to retrain you to do a different job?


    • There is and has been a real unemployment rate that oscillates between 20% and 25%. This economy lacks the capacity to employ every unemployed American, at any wage. Naturally, Food Stamp usage and Unemployment benefits will increase during a recession. That increase is a function of the rising rate of unemployment and declining real wages. It has nothing to do with Obama’s policies. These benefits, meager as they are, were established by statute. They are not consequences of Obama’s policies save, of course, for his anemic growth policies.


  2. Macey Cross says:

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