The consequences of an asuterity politics

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  1. rhytonen says:

    A video should NEVER be considered a post – nor should one ever exist on the internet without an attached full text transcript.

    The many challenges of video on the internet or even on computer at all make it uselessly UNINTELLIGIBLE for over HALF the prospective viewers, and unacceptably timem consuming for the rest. The mushrooming use of netbooks (and bandwidth cheating by greedy and/or inept rural ISP’s) in today’s economy exacerbate those challenges far beyond any remaining usability.

    Most like myself will NOT take the time to bother to watch online videos (exception: OWS’ WORKING livestreams – i.e., Timcast/TimPoole’s, which, uniquely -WORK.)

    Full disclosure: I am a career, retired IT chief systems and design engineer and BSEE.


  2. I sympathize. My first modem had a 2400 baud rate. I currently have a cable modem which, despite the bandwidth of the network, often goes dead for minutes at a time.

    But I’ll not transcribe videos simply because I lack the time to do so. I no longer have the time to write original content. So….. In most instances I post videos in order to spread the news. I could easily post a link. But that would not solve the transcriptless video problem. It would only transfer responsibility — assuming that is the right word — to the link target.


  3. I think the interviewee paints a pretty cleaned up picture of what is really happening here, but I think it’s also unlikely that most people would believe us if we told the truth. For example, would you believe me if I told you that there is a six month old baby living on the street in my citiy? It’s true – just one more Greek struggling to make it through every day.


    • I believe you. Economic catastrophes are like natural catastrophes. They do not discriminate among those touched by the disaster.

      I find it difficult to comprehend what it must be like for a child to live through that kind of personal danger. Terror is a word I would expect to use to describe their feelings.


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