British goons threaten Ecuadorian sovereignty

Earlier today FireDogLake‘s Kevin Gosztola reported that:

…the Ecuador foreign minister made a “severe allegation” today during a press conference against the United Kingdom and claimed they had received a “threat” to storm the Ecuador embassy in the UK to force the country to hand over WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange, who has applied for political asylum in Ecuador.

According to BBC News, Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino declared, “We’re not a British colony. UK threat to storm embassy would be hostile and force us to respond.” He added any “attack” would be a violation of the Vienna Convention, the United Nations Charter and other various principles enshrined in international law.

It is now clear that Britain would rather appease the United States by committing an act of war against the people of Ecuador than it would respect international law governing these matters. To threaten aggression entails committing an act of aggression. Britain has thus promised to commit the supreme international crime, a crime which it has committed before. Julian Assange, on the other hand, may have committed the crimes of which he allegedly committed, just as Sweden has claimed. (Assange has not yet been charged.) But the actual ‘crimes’ for which Assange will be extradited and which might lure Britain to commit an act of aggression against Ecuador are not sexual assaults that may have occurred in Sweden. Moreover, let us remember that these crimes are very common and the world legal system easily suffers their commission every single day. Assange’s crimes are far more rare and serious than those for which Sweden wants him to return to that country. Assange and WikiLeaks bloodied Superpower’s nose by exposing its crimes, and acts such as this just cannot be tolerated.

I believe it is right to suspect the motivations of Sweden and Britain in this matter. As we know, they have made allies of themselves to a criminal regime, the United States of America. Their hands are not clean because of this. Uncle Sam’s hands are so blood stained that they will never be clean of the letting which stained them.

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  1. curi56 says:

    Christine Assange, mother of Julian Assenge, is fighting for her son. She is writing e-mails to those who really want to stay for Julian.


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