Another outlaw Koch brother

William Koch was the source of this crime:

A former executive of a number of Koch subsidiaries is suing William Koch over allegations that he was lured to a secluded area where he was held against his will and interrogated.

Kirby Martensen, the former executive, has filed the suit in federal court in San Francisco.

Martensen was the vice president of Oxbow Carbon & Minerals International, two companies owned and controlled by William Koch. Martenson claims that an anonymous letter accused him of mismanaging and stealing from the two companies he was vice president of. After the letter was sent, Oxbow read “Martensen’s letters and emails without his knowledge, the suit charges, which led the company to discover that Martensen had deep reservations about the legality of the company’s tax avoidance strategies,” the Huffington Post reports.

Martensen was subsequently held captive and interrogated

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