Austerity kills

It is always worth making the effort to recognize that an unnecessary but not pointless austerity politics creates adverse and, sometimes, existential problems for those individuals without the means or power to solve their personal problems. These individuals can only suffer what they cannot avoid. Scot Rosenzweig of Allentown, PA confronted Pennsylvania Governor Corbett with this issue, forcing him to defend his support for his Healthy Pennsylvania project, derided by its critics as CorbettCare. Corbett notoriously refused to accept the greater Medicaid monies authorized by the Affordable Care Act. Corbett eventually proposed a plan that would limit the scope and efficacy of the health care provided by the state of Pennsylvania to its poorest citizens. Currently, thanks to Corbett’s ideologically motivated scheming, Pennsylvania has neither an expanded Medicaid program nor even the lesser CorbettCare. At least one death can be attributed to this lack:

Her death did not faze Corbett, however.

Getting what you vote for

Politics Does it matter that many can’t register for coverage?

Grassley’s blunder

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) called President Obama stupid! The reason Grassley made the claim? Obama stated that he believed the Supreme Court would not overturn legislation that has the approval of the other coeval branches.

So, Obama is, in fact, stupid. He is stupid because the Roberts Court would overturn legislation the majority identified as being opposed to its partisan interests. Experience and analysis ought to have informed Obama of this possibility.

Grassley therefore was right to call Obama stupid, but he got it right most likely for the wrong reasons.