The Dennis Kucinich Debacle

Abby Rapoport attempted to rebut Glenn Greenwald‘s recent  critique of her Kucinich smear: The Dennis Kucinich Debacle.

She fails, however. It would help Rapoport’s cause if she and The American Prospect had a realistic position on the Democratic Party and most of its politicians. But they do not. The Democratic Party lacks a viable place for a Kucinich, a fact that damns the Party, not Kucinich. Kucinich’s political instincts are sound; the political instincts of most Democratic Party politicians are unsound. Thus Kucinich’s lack of legislative achievements, the gist of Rapoport’s latest critique, only points to the dubious politics which dominate his Party. How might a left liberal (read: social democratic) politician enact legislation when the majority of his political Party oppose his positions and legislation? Why would anyone expect Kucinich to generate legislative victories when those victories would undermine his Party and its current practices? She cannot is she is also rational, especially when that legislation is put to a vote in a majoritarian system composed of only two political parties.

So Long But Not Farewell to Dennis Kucinich

Abby Rapoport of the American Prospect magazine smears Dennis Kucinich: So Long But Not Farewell to Dennis Kucinich.

One would expect an article of this sort to appear in the New Republic. But a putatively lefty magazine? Sure, if the lefty magazine has attached itself to the coattails of the Democratic Party.


Glenn Greenwald critically responds to Rapoport’s smear here.