Pussy Riot offended Putin

And for this reason alone the trio must pay:

A Moscow judge handed down stiff prison sentences of two years on Friday afternoon for three young women who staged a protest against Vladimir V. Putin in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior last February and whose jailing and trial on hooliganism charges have generated worldwide criticism of constraints on political speech in Russia.

While a guilty verdict against the three women, members of a band called Pussy Riot, was widely expected, suspense had built over how severe a punishment they would receive. Prosecutors had demanded three-year prison terms, but President Vladimir V. Putin had weighed in on the side of leniency.

But the judge, Marina Syrova, showed little sympathy for the trio, and it was not immediately clear whether the sentences would prompt a reaction on Moscow’s streets.

To be sure, the severe penalty meted out for the ‘crime’ (see Section 213) provides a compelling reason which justifies the putatively criminal act ex post facto!

Mother Russia’s Caesaropapists defend the world by incarcerating these Riot Girlzzzz