You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Right. How could I have ever believed otherwise?

Well, a new study shows Pennsylvania ranking fifth among the various states when they were evaluated for amount of corruption among its public officials. Even New York, which has that ethical black hole commonly known as New York City, scored better.


Recommended: Epitaph for a Four Star

Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Ret. addresses the now dispirited aura surrounding General David Petraeus, Ret., an officer who surely was the product of corrupt, ineffective and wasteful institutions — the Pentagon specifically and the security-surveillance establishment generally. Macgregor uses conclusive evidence to make his point: The United States has known defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Petraeus notably led the failed efforts to pacify both countries while also consolidating America’s power in the region. These failures were costly, of course, wasting American lives, money and prestige. The empire is weaker now because of these ventures. Despite his personal failures, Petraeus received promotion after promotion, eventually reaching four star rank and subsequently finding a post-retirement spot atop the CIA, a job which gave him a public platform from which to launch his presidential campaign.

Let us hope that the militaristic component of America’s civil religion also takes a hit from the Petraeus Affair.

Occupy Nigeria

Ordinary Nigerians have tired of the kleptocrats running their country. They have grown so tired of the government that Nigeria’s labor unions successfully called for a general strike commenced on Monday (1.9.2012). The strike belongs to a series of protests known as Occupy Nigeria, a protest cycle contesting the pathologies of the Nigerian political system.

The protests began when President Goodluck Jonathan of the rightwing People’s Democratic Party announced on January 1, 2012 that his government would no longer support gasoline prices. His decision will inflate the costs of many consumer goods in a resource-rich country already suffering from an oppressive poverty. Nigeria’s poverty belies its OPEC membership and common sense.