Reactionaries proven wrong

Government regulation isn’t impeding the recovery, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Capital investment has been strong. The problems with the economy lie, as one might expect, in the lack of an inflating bubble and inadequate demand. The United States has a demand constrained economy.

Looking for work?

Look harder. For many Americans, the labor market remains a cemetery composed of dead hopes and dreams:

The high job-seekers to jobs-available ratio

The ratio remains above 4:1, as the Economic Policy Institute reports. So, job seekers need to gird themselves to wait the long wait.

JOLTS for August, 2011

What does this fact mean? First, it means that Congress must extend unemployment compensation eligibility beyond the 99 week term currently in place. Second, it means that Congress and the Executive must quickly produce a jobs program that reduces this ratio. Third, it means securing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid against the work of the political and economic reactionaries. Fourth, it means the United States would be better served if it returned to something better than “welfare as we knew it.” Fifth, it means a return to stimulus politics. And sixth, it means making a national commitment to a green-friendly reindustrialization program.