Occupy Nigeria

Ordinary Nigerians have tired of the kleptocrats running their country. They have grown so tired of the government that Nigeria’s labor unions successfully called for a general strike commenced on Monday (1.9.2012). The strike belongs to a series of protests known as Occupy Nigeria, a protest cycle contesting the pathologies of the Nigerian political system.

The protests began when President Goodluck Jonathan of the rightwing People’s Democratic Party announced on January 1, 2012 that his government would no longer support gasoline prices. His decision will inflate the costs of many consumer goods in a resource-rich country already suffering from an oppressive poverty. Nigeria’s poverty belies its OPEC membership and common sense.

The Oakland General Strike

The Oakland General Strike that occurred yesterday, November 2, 2011, can be counted a modest success. Between 10,000 to 20,000 people participated in the action. The Strike also closed the Port of Oakland while many city workers and teachers failed to report for work. There were arrests made later in the day as a faction of the occupy movement occupied a building and had a minor skirmish with the police.

Yesterday’s strike was Oakland’s first General Strike since December, 1946.

Occupy Oakland calls for a general strike

The original proposal can be found here. I have included the full text here:

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A General Strike in Greece