This year in lone gunman massacres

A Mother Jones report identified seven massacres 2012:

  • Sandy Hook Massacre
  • Accent Signage Systems Massacre
  • Sikh Temple Massacre
  • Aurora Theatre Massacre
  • Seattle Café Massacre
  • Oikos University Massacre
  • Su Jung Sauna Massacre

The Mother Jones reporters discussed here the criteria they used in their report.

Well, it’s something…

The NRA finally spoke about the Sandy Hook Massacre and will speak again soon:

The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.

They have the courage of their convictions

The NRA Twitter feed went silent on 12.14.2012 after Adam Lanza killed 20-30 persons at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The NRA page at 6:54pm on 12.14:

Nine hours of silence — a rare episode for these blowhards.

Update (12.15.2012, 8:47pm)

The NRA is quiet still. When will the gun lobby again show its face?