Obama’s hypocrisy

As noticed by Alexander Cockburn:

Has the drug war — as a war on the poor — slowed down [since Obama became president]? In 2010 some 850,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana related offenses of which the vast majority was for possession. That means since Obama took office it is likely well over 2.5 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. This under the aegis of a President who cosily discloses his marijuana habit as a young man. One bust, Mr Obama, and you’d be still on the South Side. But then, your sense of self-righteousness is too distended to be deflated by any sense of hypocrisy.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Cynic In Chief

Glenn Greenwald once again destroys the credibility of this vile and cynical tool. This time, Greenwald examines Obama‘s current position of medical marijuana, the Department of Justice legal harassment of medical marijuana dispensaries and his dishonest use of rule of law rhetoric to attack the medical marijuana industry. To be sure, Obama’s Department of Justice could not bother itself to prosecute Bush era criminals, Wall Street criminals, etc. These individuals and institutions are largely exempt from legal accountability. But not medical marijuana producers and distributors.

A despicable man.