Santorum drops out of the race

The New York Times reports “…that while this presidential race for us [Santorum and his family] is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign today, we are not done fighting.”

One wonders if Mitt Romney is up to pimping the hatred as Rick Santorum has been since he entered public life.


If Americans are at all lucky, Romney will choose Santorum as his Vice Presidential candidate! Both have poor favorability ratings, as Nate Silver reminds us. Yet, pairing an oligarch with a Christian fascist includes so many Republicans that the Romney camp might be tempted to take this risk.

Quote of the day

Nate Silver tweeted:

Don’t know why we treat S&P and Moody’s like a 4th branch of government when they’re the Wall Street equivalent of the LA Clippers.

S&P's/Moody's smell after a day or two