Occupy Wall Street visits Times Square

Occupy Wall Street travels to Midtown

Lech Wałęsa plans to visit Occupy Wall Street

The New York Daily News reported (h/t Phoenix Woman) that Lech Wałęsa intends to travel to New York City in order to meet with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Wałęsa — an electrician, trade unionist, leader of the now iconic Solidarność, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of Poland — supports the Occupy Wall Street movement and will show his support by traveling to meet with the protesters. According to the Daily News, Mathew Blair, an organizer with Occupy Wall Street, invited Wałęsa to come to America and to Liberty Plaza.

A council appears and speaks

The document found below the break was authored and democratically approved by the NYC General Assembly, the political body which originated in the #occupywallstreet protest. So that there is no mistake about this matter, I wish to point out that the appearance of this document should not be construed as a response to those protest critics who assailed the protest for lacking focus. Rather, the Declaration of the NYC General Assembly should be identified as the product generated by a movement-in-formation and by a direct form of democratic will-formation. Neither conform well to soundbite journalism that is common today. Members of the press will fail to appreciate the nature of this kind of popular politics if they compare it to the many well-organized and scripted events produced by Astroturf organizations. As Gil Scott Heron memorably put it: “The revolution will not be televised.” It will not because television can only record the effects a revolution produces, not the revolutionary event itself! The revolutionary event merely refers to the gathering of and communication between like minds who will no longer tolerate injustice.

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Irene in New York City

Having lived in NYC for many years, I find rubbernecking too difficult to resist.

The Manhattan skyline

Battary Park City


West side of Manhattan

Waterfall in Central Park