Deutschland zweiter, den Vereinigten Staatem zuerst

Quote of the day

No American politician would admit to anything like the self-understanding expressed in following quoted passage. They would need to be honest men and women to speak forthrightly about what they do. But they are the kind of persons who speak of God and practice deviltry. That said, the Onion provides a bit of gallows humor to ease the discomforts of the day. What would Congressmen and women say about what they do if they were honest? How would our newspapers record their thoughts and actions. Might the report look something like this?

Exhausted but satisfied leaders from both parties came together Tuesday night to announce that Congress had successfully completed 12 solid hours of nonstop gridlocking, once again going above and beyond to needlessly prevent the nation from moving forward.

In a marathon session that lawmakers proudly called “one of [their] least productive ever,” each of the 535 members of the House and Senate gridlocked deep into the night to ensure that no bipartisan compromise could be reached, no laws intended to aid the American people could be passed, and no sense of national unity or progress could possibly be achieved.