A new Southern Strategy?

Sarah Seltzer of AlterNet suggests that:

It was only a matter of time before the bursting of the bubble for hard-core conservatives led to cries of secession. To be fair, blue-staters were saying similar things back in 2004 after Bush’s re-election, but the geographical ironies were perhaps less rich then, since this year the electoral map looks suspiciously like slave states and free states lining up in opposition.

Indeed, it does. Given Obama’s politics, I’d say the reactionaries are befuddled by their paranoid delusions.

Predictably, the Democratic Party left located at Daily KOS support the secessionist movement:

The repercussions of Tuesday’s victories just keep on coming! Now we have the opportunity to lose some of the most medieval states in the union. Petitions from Louisiana, Texas, and 13 other states placed at the White House petitions website have drawn thousands of signatures.

We need to sign these petitions! This is a great opportunity for the country!

I believe the Kossaks forgot that a gruesome war followed the last secessionist crisis….