Bradley Manning to be moved

According to an Associated Press report, the Pentagon will move Bradley Manning from the brig at the Quantico, VA Marine Corps Base to the infamous United States Disciplinary Barracks at Leavenworth, KS. The transfer might provide Pvt. Manning with some relief from his ordeal, which has included measures deemed to be inhumane and even forms of torture. Manning is the accused source of the famous United States Diplomatic Cables given to WikiLeaks.

A few comments:

I find it very ironic that the Pentagon made the news of Manning’s transfer public through an anonymous leak.

It is also ironic that Manning’s confinement and treatment are likely the kind of crimes a whistleblower like Bradley Manning might expose if they were unknown by the general public.

Finally, while Manning’s transfer from the Quantico brig to the Leavenworth military prison might produce improvements in Manning’s treatment, his transfer may also be little more than a one-step back, two-steps forward trick played by his jailers. After all, Manning remains an unconvicted prisoner of an entity that sits well beyond legal accountability; his detention is currently interminable; his fate will be determined by his jailers. Moreover, Leavenworth, KS is a bit off the path used by most of those who would criticize, publicize and protest Manning’s treatment.