Hasbara or lunacy at the Washington Times?

Salon’s Justin Elliot writes:

We thought everything that could be said about Anthony Weiner‘s lewd photo scandal had been said. But Eliana Benador, a former influential neoconservative public relations operative, has proved us wrong.

Writing for the “Communities” section of the Washingtom [sic] Times’ website, Benador argues that the Twitter scandal shows that … the Jewish Weiner might have converted to Islam!

Hasbara is the Hebrew word for Israel-centric and –friendly public diplomacy. Eliana Benador once owned a public relations firm that promoted hawkish neoconservative policies during the George W. Bush administration. She currently works as a “Goodwill Ambassador” for two West Bank settlement communities. Given her resume and politics, I believe we can say with confidence that Benador is capable of promoting nonsense to achieve her political goals.

Is Anthony Weiner a Muslim Fifth Columnist, as Benador suggests? Has he converted to Islam? Is there a “socialist” political agenda driving this marital union? Is his wife, Huma Abedin, someone who the Saudi Arabians sent to the United States to infiltrate the American elite? Is Weiner conspiring against the United States and Israel? Benador’s claims and intimations about Weiner and Abedin appear too outlandish to apply to a man who has shown himself to be a pro-Israel demagogue and an opportunist with designs on the New York City mayor’ office. Why, then, would Benador write her article? What did she hope to accomplish? Did she write her article just to smear a Jewish-American politician who chose to marry a putative enemy of Israel? Is Benador a paranoid crank?

Only a God could tell us the whole and believable truth about this bizarre incident. In any case, the Washington Times has already pulled Benador’s article for review, which I take as a sign indicating the true value of the piece.